New Australian Distributor

Aquaman is excited to have a new distributor in Australia, Aquaman Aus Pty Ltd. You can contact them at or visit or their Facebook Page.  

Featured Products of the Month

Aquaman Swim Socks and Neoprene hoods are now available in the online store.  To view and make a purchase click here to visit the store.  

Aquaman Triathlon USA Teams Up With Sheila Taormina.

  Aquaman was proud to sponsor Sheila at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games where she led out of the water both times, as well as the world championships in 2004 that she won, leading out of the water by...

Aquaman – Mission Statement

Aquaman believes that a great wetsuit is made with the best neoprene available on the market and this is why you will find Yamamoto rubber in most Aquaman wetsuit models. We use their #40, #39, Compressed Dome Rubber, and their...